Part 1: 4'11:The Albert Park, the Zand and St. Saviour Cathedral
Part 2: 5'45:Main Street, the Belfry and the Market Square
Part 3: 6'43:The Burgh and City Hall
Part 4: 1'51:The Basilica of the Holy Blood
Part 5: 4'45:Tannery Square, the Rosary Wharf and the Dijver
Part 6: 6'26:Gruuthuse House, the Bonifacio Bridge, Guido Gezelle
Part 7: 3'59:St. John's Hospital and the Almshouses
Part 8: 5'09:The Beguinage, the Lock House, the Minnewater
Part 9: 4'50:The Vests, gates & windmills, Van Eyck Square
Part 10:5'22:Hans Memling, the Bourse, Bladelin, Donkey Street
Part 11:4'11:The town of Damme & the legend of Tijl Uilenspiegel